OFFICERS: President and Vice-President serve a one year term and may be re-elected for a second term; Secretary and Treasurer may be re-elected indefinitely.

Jenny Reed – President (1st term) –

Steve Mangum – Vice-President (2nd term) –

April Brown – Treasurer (4th term) –

Heather Serio – Secretary (3rd term) –

MEMBERS OF THE BOARD:  Directors serve 3 years.  Past president serves as advisor for one year and does not have a vote.

Steve Vigus – Past President (ending 1/2017) –

Phillip Figueroa (ending 1/2017) –

Frank Gurdziel (ending 1/2017) –

George Coleman (ending 1/2018) –

Ben McCarty (ending 1/2018) –

B.J. Taylor (ending 1/2019) –

Ron Hess (ending 1/2019) –

Committee Chairman:

Security Captain: Ron Hess –

Dredging: Frank Gurdziel –

Garden Club Representative: Jennifer Coleman -

Council of Civic Organizations: Everett Milteer -

Scholarships: Cheryl Noyes –

Welcome Committee:  Jenny Reed-

             Heather Serio –

Newsletter: Stephanie Mayo –

Website: John Davis –

4th of July:  Mike Swirzinski –

             Nancy May –

Clean the Bay Day: Steve Mangum –

Halloween:  TBA

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