This page contains information and links pertaining to the Dredging Project for our neighborhood.

Video of City Council Meeting on August 13, 2013 discussing Dredging Project - Click Here for video

Update September 7, 2011 - Click Here for more information

Video of the Dredging Presentation by the City of Virginia Beach on December 6th, 2011

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The Chesopeian Colony Dredging Corp (CCDC) was established to manage a redredging project for Chesopeian Colony.  The area has been surveyed and an application prepared for regulatory approval.  However, because Mr. McLeskey retained ownership of most of the land under the water between our properties we need his approval which we have been unable to obtain.  As a result, the CCDC is exploring the alternative of partnering with the city to create a Special Service District for the purpose of funding and managing the dredging project.  We have shared our engineering survey with the city.  The city will provide engineering and cost data specific to the Chesopeian Colony proposal once they complete their evaluation.  Once the city completes their analysis of the project, we will schedule a neighborhood meeting to present this alternative to the Colony residents.

Examples of the first two city SSD proposals for Old Donation Creek and Robin Hood Forest are posted on the city website.  Please note that the city is using a common template for the analysis and presentation, but the data is significantly different based on the specific dredging requirements and neighborhood evaluation.  Expect our data to be different also.

The officers and board members of the CCDC are:
Frank Gurdziel
Steve Merz
Mike Waro
Bruce Benson
George Dancigers

City of Virginia Beach - Neighborhood Channel Dredging Proposal & Projects (Click Here):  This link directs you to the proposal by the City of Virginia Beach to dredge and maintain neighborhood waterway channels, how each project would be accomplished, funding strategy and other useful information.  At the above linked page, you will find neighbor dredging proposals for Old Donation Creek and Robin Hood Forest (more proposals are in the pipeline).  These proposals will give you an idea of what a plan/proposal will look like. 
The Dredging Committee for our neighbor has submitted the required data to the City of Virginia Beach and is working closely with the City to come up with a detailed plan/proposal for the “Chesopeian Colony Neighborhood Channel Dredging Project”.  The estimated time frame for the specific plan/proposal  is January of 2011.  Once the plan becomes available, it will include detailed information explaining the scope and cost.  As information becomes available, we will update this web page, so please check back regularly.  Another excellent way to become informed is to attend the Civic League Meetings.  Schedules for the upcoming Civic League Meetings can be found on the Events tab on the left and bottom of this page.
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