Welcome to our Community

The Chesopeian Colony Civic League was established in 1957 to better serve our community.  Chesopeian Colony is a quiet neighborhood surrounded by the Lynnhaven River.  Our streets and homes are lined with beautifully landscaped and wooded home sites.  Our Civic League meetings are held at Beach Ford across the street from our neighborhood entrance.  The Chesopeian Colony Civic League strives to make our neighborhood one of the premier places to live in Virginia Beach.  We publish a quarterly newsletter (electronically delivered) and a neighborhood directory (on line) to help us get to know our neighbors.  We also sponsor great social activities that offer something for everyone. Some of the events include the Annual Halloween Party and the Annual Fourth of July Parade and Cookout. These social events are a great way for everyone to meet their neighbors and to make new friends.

Our civic league social functions and neighborhood entrance landscaping are funded solely by your annual civic league dues.  You can now pay your annual dues online.  Just login to the private community portal using the Resident Sign-In button.

We also have a separate fund for our annual scholastic award.  Details for this award are on the dedicated Scholastic Award page. You can donate within the community portal.  Thank you in advance for your generosity in supporting our neighborhood scholastic award program.

We have deep water access to the Lynnhaven River and Chesopeake Bay thanks to our SSD dredging. Community first dredging was completed in 2020 and there will be a series of dredgings over the course of the next 12 years.